Principles for Application

General Principals:

  1. The Service Learning fund has been created to support departments, and lecturers with the general running costs of Service Learning (SL) activities or courses, or components of courses. Access to this fund is dependent on the nature of expenses incurred by the department or lecturer concerned, as preference will be given to departments that require a budget directly related to their SL course. Food and refreshments are not considered direct expenses.
  2. Only credit bearing, academically relevant courses will qualify for this grant. Exceptions may be given to lectures that are currently running outreach programmes through their department, but intend on converting said outreach programme into a fully-fledged service learning course.
  3. The maximum SL grant given per annum is R10 000 per lecturer.

Conditions for Application:

  1. Departments or lecturers can apply for funding if the SL course they wish to establish, or have established, is a credit bearing or academically relevant course (post-graduate research programmes or thesis related research may count as academically relevant SL).
  2. Departments or lecturers need to be able to show how their SL course benefits their discipline, as well as how the communities engaged with benefit from the programme.
  3. Only one grant is available per lecturer, per course per year.
  4. Preference will be given to departments or lecturers who can show how they plan on sustaining the SL programme in the future.
  5. Preference will be given to courses who do not receive funding from outside agencies.
  6. Funds may be used for travel costs, where such expenses are necessary to the running of the course.
  7. Preferences will be given to departments or lecturers who can further show how they plan to monitor and evaluate the SL course.

 The Application Process:

  1. Application forms can be downloaded from
  2. Completed application form can be emailed to Diana Hornby at or Sharli Anne Paphitis Hard copied can be handed at the Community Engagement reception, 5 Prince Alfred Street.
  3. Application are considered throughout the year, however, as the number of grants are limited there is no guarantee that the fund will be available throughout the year. 
  4. Current grant holders, who wish to repeat their grant application, are required to submit a progress report, and further motivation for funding. If current grant holders have been able to publish academic material which came though mutually beneficial and respectful relationships with community partners, further funding will definitely be considered.
  5. Please note that if the applicants programme deviates from the original proposal it is the responsibility of the applicant to inform the Community Engagement office of the changes.
  6. If the application is successful, the applicant will receive the grant in one amount, and is responsible for tracking all expenses relevant to their SL programme.
  7. The successful applicant will be responsible for submitting a progress report, budget report, and proof of expenses, once the course is complete, or 12 months post receiving the SL grant.
  8. All uncounted for funds will have to be paid back into the Community Engagement SL Grant fund.



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