Building digital capabilities

Unequal access to digital tools and the internet is a social injustice. Recognising the digital divide in Makhanda, the Social Innovation Hub runs various computer skills courses, aiming to improve the overall computer literacy of the city. These basic skills are necessary for prmoting technological and social innovation in ou commnity. Access to computer skills also improves potential acceess to life opportunities. 

The Social Innovation Hub runs training programmes to assist participants with a variety of computer related skills. 

Engaged Citizenry: Computer Skills Training

We run Basic Computer Skills course with Rhodes staff and ECD practitioners (at JYH).  The course is currently a blended format using Whatsapp to share content (tutorial videos and graphics). Participants are paired with a tutor (student volunter) to provide extra support. Participants can use Rhodes computer labs and the Hub to practice and complete activities. 


Important dates:

8 March: Computer Skills classes start

14 March: Computer classes start


For more information contact: 

Bertha Sibhensana -


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