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Digital Resource Library

The Social Innovation Hub offers access to basic technological devices - laptops, tablets, cameras, mics etc for short term periods. These resources are available to the public - Rhodes staff and students, Makhanda residents, external organisations, local schools, etc.

Digital access involves more than just physical availability; it also involves the ability to effectively and meaningfully engage with digital tools and resources. There are various dimensions to the digital divide experienced in global South communities, including access to hardware, internet connectivity, digital literacy, and socio-economic factors.

The Digital Resource Library is designed for short-term loans of up to a week. Users can request to use devices by completing the form.


Open times: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:00

Address: 5 Prince Alfred Street, Rhodes University, Makhanda, South Africa

Contact: Thandiwe Matyobeni at t.matyobeni@ru.ac.za or 046 603 7227


Mobile Hubs

Users can arrange to use a number of devices for a longer period of time and set up a semi-fixed or pop-up hub anywhere in Makana.

The Social Innovation Hub is also available to assist or advise on the setting up of computer labs in schools or at community-based organisations, and the implementation of digital training programmes. 



Users can also visit or book the Social Innovation Hub Workspace at RUCE. This space is a computer lab and workshop room comprising 7 PC workstations with internet, 10 additional laptops at request, an internet Hotspot for external devices and a whiteboard. The workspace is open for walk-ins anytime that it is not booked. It can be booked in advance to accomodate meetings or training sessions. 

The workspace is also on a backup generator so it is functional during loadshedding.


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