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RUCE's public Digital Resource Center (for devices and training)

Social innovators, changemakers and community partners need a space to network, explore skills development opportunities, share experiences and access technologies in order to strengthen their community development projects and to stimulate cohesion between different communities and stakeholders. The Social Innovation Hub is that space, aiming to ensure city-wide access to technologies and tools to build cohesive and innovative communities.  

Using our cornerstone digital storytelling program as the foundation of our initiative, the Social Innovation Hub hosts regular training workshops, short courses and digital literacy training and has an equipment library with access to laptops and audio-visual equipment readily available to the Makhanda public at no cost.  

These resources are also freely available to anyone who would like to share their story or explore a novel method of collective knowledge-building. 


More about the Social Innovation Hub programme:


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You can make bookings to use the Hub here (Covid protocol): https://bit.ly/SIHBookings

Programme Coordinator: Thandiwe Matyobeni - t.matyobeni@ru.ac.za

Programme Manager: Anna Talbot - a.talbot@ru.ac.za

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Rhodes>Community Engagement>Social Innovation Hub

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