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High Impact Supplementary School

There is an educational problem of unacceptably high NSC failure rates. The cause of this problem is bad schooling, but the consequences of this under-performance are carried not by the schools but by the learners. Learners who fail (especially those who fail three subjects) have very few meaningful options ahead of them. Their schools will not take them back, their applications to tertiary study institutions are unlikely to be successful, and their prospects of securing work without a National Senior Certificate are slim. In short, these learners are stuck, and face a life of hardship and strife ahead.

Based on the success of HISS in 2016 (see full Evaluation Report) the school has set the academic targets for 2017. If these targets are reached, participants will have access pathways that they would otherwise not have; this will address the educational problem outlined bove. The primary targets are as follows:

  • At least 80% of students improve their results (that is, over 40 local learners improve their results),
  • At least 50% of students register significant improvements (involving level increases).
  • At least 50% of the HISS students access a specific pathway within 12 months of having written their
  • Supplementary Exams (whether it be through the Assumption Development
  • Centre, East Cape Midlands College, GADRA Matric School and/or ultimately Rhodes University)

In order to reach these targets, the school will have to deliver a number of outputs, including the following:

  • 55 students registered;
  • 20 days of school presented (with the optimal deliberate usage of 8 hours per day, amounting to the delivery of 160 excellent educational hours);
  • 10 days of post-school support (this did not materialise in 2016, but HISS planning for 2017 will prioritise this, as it was highlighted in the 2016 Evaluation as a key input in maximising success of HISS);
  • An active pathways programme channelling those who participate actively in HISS to the Thabiso
  • Life Skills Short-Course at the Assumption Development Centre (opening possibility of jobs in the
  • National Arts Festival) and those who improve their results to East Cape Midlands College, GADRA
  • Matric School and/or Rhodes University (where relevant).


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