Rhodes Education Faculty work at Core Primary School

The change of curriculum focus from ‘learning to read’ in the Foundation Phase to ‘reading to learn’ in the Intermediate Phase is one for which the majority of learners are inadequately equipped. In addressing this problem by leveraging GADRA Education’s strategic partnership
with Rhodes University (specifically the Education Faculty), programme design took place in late 2015 and the first round of full implementation took place in 2016. This programme is thus geared up for full implementation and refinement at one core Primary School (Good Shepherd) during 2017 and, depending on impact, further roll-out in 2018.

Outputs and Outcomes
The overall objective of the Homework Clubs programme is to support learners’ academic development in such a way that each individual learner is developed in areas of particular weakness to a point which enables full and meaningful engagement with text and thus access
to curriculum in all subject areas.

  • Outputs

Clubs are run at Good Shepherd School for the duration of the academic year in the Foundation
and Intermediate Phase (approximately 75 FP and 40 IP learners respectively), with Rhodes
Education students (BEd and PGCE, respectively) actively participating in running these Clubs
as part of their formal academic programme.
45 Rhodes BEd students receive training in Shine and WordWorks literacy stimulation
programmes and gain experience in working with these with learners.
Good Shepherd Intermediate Phase learners are supported to undertake and present a
Research Project and produce a Book.

  • Outcomes

Participating learners demonstrate academic improvement in their English assessment results
and externally set Exams (where relevant) during the course of the year.

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