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 Student Community Engagement (SCE) at Rhodes University can be divided into two groups, namely, those community interventions done by student organisations such as residences, societies, clubs etc and those by individual students under Student Volunteer Programme. One of the aims of RUCE office is to promote leadership development of students in order to foster and enhance civic and social responsibilities.

Student Organisation Project Proposal Form

These are some of the amazing examples of student leadership at work here at Rhodes University:

Galela Amanzi Society

Galela Amanzi’s primary activity is the installation of rainwater tanks in water scarce areas in the Grahamstown / eRhini community particularly for those that suffer from poor and erratic municipal services and are vulnerable to cut-offs and shortages.

Galela Amanzi 2012 report

Masincedane Soup Kitchen Society

The society partnered with Ms Cynthia Belwana a philanthropic Grahamstown / eRhini resident who had been running a small soup kitchen on a very informal basis. Today it continues to run out of her home in Xolani, an impoverished area in Rhini. At the beginning of 2007 it was feeding approximately 30 people per day. Today over 100 attend the soup kitchen on the three weekdays that it runs.

Inkwenkwezi Early Childhood Education Society

Inkwenkwezi is an Early Childhood Education (ECE) volunteer programme run by Rhodes University students. Its primary focus is on the weekly paired reading sessions it organises with 5 schools in the Grahamstown area. Rhodes University students sign up to volunteer to tutor foundation phase learners in a comprehensive weekly paired reading programme.

Common Ground Society

Common Ground is an urban society, assist schools and community based organisations to start their own vegetable gardens.  Those involved in vegetable gardens are practically thought on how to start their own compost heaps.

Enactus (former SIFE)

Enactus is an international non-profit organization that works with leaders in business and higher education to mobilise students to make difference in their communities while developing skills to become socially responsible business leaders. Enactus mission is “to bring together the leaders of today and tomorrow to create a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of business”.

SHARC “Spread the Word Not the Virus”

Student HIV/AIDS Resistance Campaign (SHARC) is a society that is working to stop the spread of HIV, help those already infected, and de-stigmatize the disease. The philosophy of SHARC is not to fall into despair or a sense of hopelessness about HIV/AIDS, but rather to take a positive, dynamic approach towards understanding how the disease  will impact on our environment and to focus on what we and you can do together to fight it.

The South East African Climate Consortium Student Forum (SEACC SF)

SEACC aim to lead a student crusade to tackle issues of sustainability and climate change. SEACC is made up of four different nodes:

  • A carbon – free future based on renewable energy ending our dependency on fossil fuels.
  • Collective individual commitment to responsible sustainable consumption.
  • Establishing a green economy to lift people out of poverty and create sustainable green jobs.
  • Creating a green global education system

 Legal Activism (Ntuthuko)

Legal Activism is a student society established in 2007. The aim of the society is to create an awareness of the members of the community about its legal rights. Furthermore it undertakes research to determine the major legal problems in the community.