Real Time Multimedia (Dr Mosiuoa Tsietsi)

This course seeks to leverage student’s background in computer networking as covered in undergraduate courses in order to introduce them to the practicalities involved in the delivery of Internet content in general, and realtime voice and video multimedia in particular. It weaves theory and practice together to equip students with the practical skills necessary to prototype networking applications, with an emphasis on voice and video over IP (VVoIP). Importantly, the course touches on a new networking paradigm known as software defined networking (SDN) which is currently behind the advance of sophisticated cloud platforms.

To bridge the gap between networking theory and practice using standard open source tools and platforms.

• Multimedia Streaming
• IP Telephony Protocols
• Constraints in Real-time Multimedia
• VoIP Network Design, Prototyping and Benchmarking
• Software Defined Networking for Real-time Applications

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of computer networks; familiarity with the Linux environment.


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