Conference Office Activities

A. Academic/Internal Clients

We co-ordinate conferences, seminars, courses, workshops, tournaments for different divisions and departments of Rhodes University.

B. External Clients

Further, we provide a service to clients Nationally and Internationally where we assist in organising conferences, seminars, workshops, courses and the like within Rhodes University.

We excel in the preparation and administration of conferences and events,sourcing venues, facilities, accommodation,catering, entertainment ,printing programmes, making travel arrangements on behalf of clients, and, occasionally sourcing keynote speakers


1. Venues

Suitable venue(s) for conferences and events are sourced and booked on the general venue booking system. Primarily venues booked are those found at Rhodes University; however clients may be referred to venues outside the university in order to meet specific needs. In setting up venues, assistance is given with the venue configuration according to client needs. This includes providing the required furnishings and technical equipment. In addition to venues on the main university campus, (which includes Eden Grove), the Conference Office administers the use of the Continuing Education Centre, Gavin Relly Post Graduate Village and the Nuns Chapel.

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