Catering, Refreshments and Decor

catering 1 Rhodes provides its own ‘in-house’ catering service for all its events, functions and/or conferences. The service extends to catering for meetings; banquets; sports events; seminars and workshops within the University.

Functions Catering constantly strives to maintain a high level of catering excellence. The headquarters, ‘where it all happens,’ is situated on the ground floor of the Bantu Stephen Biko Building.

The menu selection is varied and provides for different needs and dietary requirements, for example: vegetarian and Halaal.

Functions Catering caters for morning and afternoon teas; cocktails; buffets; lunches and dinners.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages can be supplied, either on consumption or, within a pre-determined budget.

To wet your appetite, click here for an example of our menu.

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