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Residence Accommodation

As part of the festival experience, Rhodes University opens its residences to provide affordable accommodation on campus.

All residences are situated on the University campus within a radius of approximately 1.5km from the main administration building. The latter is situated at the top of High Street (the main street in the town) in Grahamstown.

  • For every three to four residences a dining hall is situated, (within easy walking distance), to serve meals prepared in-house and on the premises.
  • Almost all accommodation is in single rooms. A few twin-bedded rooms are available in some of the residences.
  • Bathing, showering and toilet facilities with an abundance of hot water are available in all the residences. No rooms have private bathrooms, but most rooms include hand basins.
  • Bedding is provided. This comprises a covered duvet and blanket, fitted bottom sheet and two pillows. Additional blankets are available from the housekeeper on duty.
  • Catering: A full English breakfast is served between 07:30 and 10:00 in the nearby dining hall. No other meals are provided.
  • Public telephones are available. Porters are not.
  • Shaving plugs and double adapters are not available.
  • Towels and soap are provided.
  • Rooms are serviced daily.
  • Late night tea/coffee is available on a self-service basis in the common room within the residence.
  • Every residence has its own ‘common room’ where guests are welcome to watch television, read a book or just enjoy each others company


Festival breakfast menu

Click on the above link to view the breakfast menu for festival guests in Rhodes University Residences.

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