The promise of Justice

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The promise of Justice /by John G.I. Clarke.
Available from Cory Library @ R295.00 plus postage and packing. Please e-mail us here.

This is book one: History (The Story and His Story). King Justice Mpondombini Sigcau's struggle to save the Kingdom of the Mpondo from unjust developments. "In the days of apartheid we knew exactly where and what was unjust, the crime against humanity. Today it is much more difficult to pinpoint social injustice in South Africa. It seems to be everywhere and nowhere. John Clarke's account of the development conflict generated by Sanral's N2 Wild Coast shortcut and the associated Xolobeni mining scheme reveals how the promise of 'development' is but a mask for underlying social injustice. What he also brings to light, though, is the exciting 'promise of justice'".