First Week, First Year

Orientation Week

First Years having fun

Excited, eager, optimistic, determined, confident?
Apprehensive, intimidated, lonely, homesick or lost?
However you feel when you arrive, we look forward to welcoming you into your University life...

Orientation Week is geared to help you settle in rapidly to University Life, to help you feel at home and find your feet, to find friends, to meet some students doing the same courses as you, to find out about your courses, to find the lecture venues, to find the library and how to use it, to find out how to book your meals, to find out the many uses of a ‘chip’, to find out .... just as much as you can about your new environment.

When you arrive at your residence in Courtenay-Latimer Hall, you will be met and welcomed by one or more of the members of the House Committee, who will help and guide you through Orientation Week, and be there for you the rest of the year as well. Lifetime friendships are formed from the first week.

Perhaps you are wondering what you need to bring. Here's some advice from other students

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