To Bring or Not to Bring

Information to Bring

The Wardens of the Hall keep track of emergency details for each student, such as the contact details of the Next of Kin or a person to contact in the case of an emergency. These would typically include a phone number (at work, home and a cell phone number if available), as well as a work/home address.
If you are on a Medical Aid please bring the relevant information (e.g. Medical Aid Number and the name of the Medical Aid Scheme) so that you can fill the necessary forms in as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Things to Bring

Please note that the following items are suggestions that students have found useful. If you live far from Grahamstown, it may be difficult to bring everything on this list. While you might want to consider bringing some or all of the following items with you, keep in mind that there are shopping outlets in Grahamstown, where you can buy most of the items. If you plan to hang decorations on your walls, they can be attached to the picture rail, but you may not use tape, prestik or any other adhesives on your bedroom walls; Prestik may be used on wood, eg the wardrobe doors. The university provides bedlinen, including 2 pillows, a duvet and a blanket. You may bring your own curtains or bedlinen, but you will then be responsible for their laundering. Beds are single, but duvets and covers provided by the University are threequarter size. In your room there is a heater on the wall, and most of the rooms have a hand basin.
During vacations the students’ personal belongings are stored in our boxrooms. Although some people bring metal trunks, remember that these are large, heavy to transport and to cart up and down the stairs. Please do not buy one specially. For boxroom storage students mostly use cartons sealed with tape and labelled. Our boxrooms are well secured.

More important items are:

In order to make use of the University's computer network from your residence, check what is required HERE

key ring
tray for kettle
drinking mug and glass
cereal bowl
Microwave dish
fork, knife, spoon, can/bottle opener
small cooler bag with zip and padlock (to store foodstuff in communal fridge)
bath and swimming towels
laundry basket or bag
washing powder (for cold water)
alarm clock
flashlight /torch (rechargeable, or one that works by squeezing a handle or shaking)
radio/stereo, preferably with headphones!
Desk or laptop computer is desirable as residences have internet connectivity
hangers for clothes
good quality multiplug extension
exampads and clipboard

door message pad (A6 size) and pencil
files for storage of notes
metal picture hooks to fit over picture rail
Some smart or formal clothes for events such as balls and formal dinners
Umbrella or raincoat
Also useful is an adaptor to convert a square pin 13 amp (English Type) electrical socket to a round pin 15 amp (South African type). You have one of each kind of socket in your room. Note that the wall heater provided in your room has a dedicated socket; nothing else should be plugged into the heater socket. Remember an adaptor for your phone charger or laptop.

Less important items to bring are:

backpack or book satchel
bag or plastic basket for toiletries
bathrobe and slippers
plastic bucket
Iron (few students use this)
sewing kit
electric fan

Not recommended (reminder):

Large metal trunks are not necessary. They are awkward to transport to and from Grahamstown, are too heavy for women students to carry up and down stairs and do not fit easily into our box rooms. Our box rooms are securely managed and are quadruple locked over the vacations. Students usually pack their things into sealed labelled cardboard cartons for storage.

Things Not to Bring (definitely not!)

Certain household items pose a fire hazard when utilized in buildings inhabited by many people. Students are not allowed these things in the residence:

air conditioner
electric blanket
Small electrical appliances such as:
coffee maker
toaster/toaster oven
snackwich or waffle maker
electric frypan
hot plate
microwave oven
immersion heater
homemade extension cord
extension cords with joins in them
hot plate

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