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Unsupportable pregnancies and reproductive justice:

a transnational comparison

Research objectives: to investigate, in three distinct social and political contexts (United Kingdom, South Africa, Zimbabwe), the narratives of women with unsupportable# pregnancies regarding the biological, emotional, social, familial, political, health care and other circumstances surrounding their pregnancies; to compare these narratives to those of family members and health service providers; to link these narratives to the social discourses, social structures and power relations that facilitate or constrain reproductive (in)justice.

Nature of the project: Multi-institutional (RU, University of Greenwich, UK), multi-disciplinary project. 

Methodology: Narrative interviews will be conducted with women, family members (where feasible), and health service providers; narrative-discursive analysis will be used to analyse the data.

# The signifier ‘unsupportable’ is used in preference to ‘unwanted’; the former denotes a pregnancy that is difficult for a variety of reasons while the latter suggests a liberal subjectivity in which a range of desires and choices are possible.


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