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Pregnancy and alcohol consumption

Research objectives

To investigate alcohol use during pregnancy in the Eastern Cape; to formatively improve an intervention which aims to reduce Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.

Nature of project

This project started in 2016 and is being funded by the Eastern Cape Liquor Board. Three specific projects are underway.


Project 1: Quantitative measurements of alcohol use during pregnancy are being collected from antenatal clinics two regions of the Buffalo City Municipality. Baseline indicators (prior to the commencement of the intervention) have been collected and analysed. End term indicators will be collected in 2019.

Project 2: Qualitative research on micro- and macro-level factors that promote alcohol use during pregnancy is being conducted. Interviews have been conducted with previously pregnant women who drank heavily during their pregnancy, and their partner or a close family member. Analysis is underway.

Project 3: Qualitative formative research is being conducted to improve the intervention that has been instituted in two wards of the Buffalo City Municipality. Training sessions, interviews with trainees, and mentoring sessions with alcohol consuming pregnant/newly parenting women have been recorded. Training materials have been collected. Analysis and formative feedback to the intervention personnel is underway.


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