Research Projects

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) identity and micro- and macro-level power relations

Research objectives: to investigate: how LGBT identity is allowed or constrained within the multiple social, familial, economic, geographic and work environments people occupy; the micro- and macro-level power relations and processes contingent upon the assumption of LGBT identity.

Nature of project: Based at RU and University of Fort Hare.

Methodology: Data will be collected from media sources and interviews with LGBT people and their families, friends, and colleagues; a combination of narrative and discursive analysis will be used.


The therapeutic benefits of participating in public protests against sexual violence

Research objectives: to investigate what the therapeutic benefits (if any) are for rape survivors of participation in collective protest against sexual violence; to explore the implications the findings have for psycho-social services offered to survivors of sexual abuse and their families, particularly in resource-scarce environments.

Nature of project: Based in RU Psychology.

Methodology: The annual Rhodes University ‘sexual violence = silence’ protest will form the site of research; action research will be employed, using mixed methods, including observation, interviews, tweets, facebook entries, documentation of the protest, media concerning the event,  and collection of artefacts such as collages and journals created during debriefing event.


Sexuality programmes and gendered norms

Research objectives: to investigate how Life Orientation and other sexuality programmes challenge and/or reproduce normative gender narratives, practices and power relations within which inequitable and coerced sex and the accompanying problems of unsupportable pregnancies and the transmission of HIV and other STIs take place; to explore how a critical gender lens that facilitates gender transformation and gender justice could be incorporated into sexuality programmes.

Nature of research: multi-institutional (RU, University of the Western Cape, Stellenbosh University, Leiden University, Royal Tropical Institute), multi-disciplinary project which started in 2011. The project has been funded by SANPAD and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Continued work will be funded by the SARCHI chair.

Methodology: Data will be collected through class-room observations, interviews with teachers and learners, focus group discussions with learners, and journals kept by learners; analysis will be performed using a combination of narrative and discourse analysis.


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