Pedro Pinto


Pedro Pinto was born and grew up in Lisbon. He is a Foucauldian feminist. His research interests lie within critical studies of science, biopolitics and embodiment.

Focusing on Portuguese girls’ and women’s magazines, his PhD work has illuminated the mainstreaming of a post-feminist regime of self-government, which calls for gendered and heteronormative uses of body technologies and scientific knowledge. The thesis discusses the roles and centrality of post-feminist discourses of ‘empowerment’ in today’s capitalist industrialisation of difference.

Pedro’s post-doctoral investigation consists of a Foucauldian genealogy of puberty science. It draws on the construction of ‘puberty’ in medical sciences from the early nineteenth century to 1950. Based on this research, Pedro is currently writing a book with Catriona Macleod.


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