Agnes Sanyangore

Agnes Sanyangore joined the CSSR in 2019 as a Phd student after completing her Master of Social Science in Development Studies through the department of Sociology at Rhodes University. She completed a combined coursework and half thesis, focusing on rural development work.  At the PsySSA 25th Anniversary Congress in Johannesburg in 2019, she presented her paper titled “Rural development work: a case study of the tensions experienced by development NGO programmes”.

Her research interest are around abortion in particular provision of safe and legal abortion services in the rural areas of the Eastern Cape Province. During her time in the CSSR she has managed to be on a team that was partnering with Marie Stopes South Africa. The partnership investigated abortion-behaviours and preferences among rural people in the Eastern Cape. The main goal of the study was to inform MSSA about how to focus service delivery to overcome barriers to safe abortion care, reduce stigma and ensure access to appropriate service provision within rural communities.

Agnes’s PhD thesis finds its route in the Marie stopes project but she further investigates how women and men in the rural areas construct unwanted pregnancy, abortion, abortion legislation and abortion services, and to analyse how these constructions may be used to design appropriate services in rural areas. Through this research she wants to ensure all women living in the rural areas have better access to safe and legal in abortion.

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