Sarah-Ann Moore


Sarah-Ann Moore is a second year Masters student currently completing her thesis through the Critical Studies in Sexualities and Reproduction research programme. Her research interests include feminist understandings of gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and queer identity formation and same-sex sexualities. She also has a significant interest in the development of theoretical understandings of social issues in contemporary South Africa within the fields of feminist, queer, and postcolonial theory. Along with her supervisor and team members, Sarah-Ann compiled a paper entitled “Just saying ‘no’ is not enough – A Foucauldian discourse analysis of anti-rape poster campaigns” which was presented at the at 9th Biennial International Society of Critical Health Psychology conference at Rhodes University, Grahamstown. For her Masters thesis, Sarah-Ann will be conducting a systematic review of policy responses to the sexual and reproductive health and rights of queer youth in the global South.

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