Ulandi du Plessis

BA (Hons), MA (Rhodes)

Ulandi du Plessis started at Rhodes University in 2007 studying towards a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Political and International Studies. After finishing her honours in Politics she moved to the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) to read towards a Masters under the supervision of Professor Robert van Niekerk. Her thesis, written in the social policy tradition, was entitled Explaining the endurance of poverty and inequality: social policy and the Social Division of Welfare in the South African health system, and examined the structure and flow of public funding between the public and private sectors in the South African health system and the consequences thereof for the achievement of equity. 

Ulandi was funded through and contributed to the SANPAD research project Affecting Social Citizenship through Social Policy:  Policies, Contestations and Practices the aim of which was to analyse how political parties conceptualise social policy in the three areas of health, education and income maintenance with particular reference to the concept of ‘social citizenship’.  During 2011/12 she was research assistant to the Rhodes University vice-chancellor, Dr Saleem Badat on his book, The Forgotten People:  Political Banishment under Apartheid.  She was also research assistant to Oxford Professor Gavin Williams on his forthcoming book on the history of the wine industry in South Africa. During 2013, she worked as Project Coordinator in the Neil Aggett Labour Studies Unit in the ISER.

She is currently a PhD candidate registered at the ISER and under the supervision of Prof Catriona Macleod from the Critical Studies in Reproduction and Sexualities.  Her research focuses on the governmentality of pregnancy in South Africa.  Her current research is funded by the Mellon Foundation PhD scholarship. 

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