Research in Relation to Advocacy, Policy and Practice (RAPP) 2020 Abortion Services: Rural Interventions and Abortion Counselling

The annual RAPP event brings together academics, researchers, students, activists, practitioners, and policy makers for in-depth discussions about research in relation to advocacy, policy, and practice within the field of sexualities and reproduction.

Following the successful 2019 RAPP event, co-hosted by the CSSR and the SRJC, entitled: Sexuality education, counter-normative sexualities, and confronting our own sexualities, this year we propose that the event focus on the topic of abortion.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that academics, researchers, students, activists, practitioners, and policy makers alike can engage with one another. Instead of hosting the in-person workshops that the RAPP event held last year, this year the RAPP event will go digital. RAPP 2020 will consist of three online sessions running over a three-week period and include panels, presentations, and breakout workshops. This online approach is beneficial as it helps to broaden the number of guest speakers and participants who can attend, which further helps to bridge the gap that the RAPP event seeks to address between researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and advocates.


You can download the programme here: RAPP 2020 Programme

You can download the report here: RAPP 2020 Report

Podcasts of the events can be accessed here:

Event 1:

Event 2:

Event 3:






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