Management Committee



The CSD is governed by the CSD Management Committee. This Committee is a Standing Committee of the Rhodes University Senate.

CHAIR - Prof Jean Baxen
Director: CSD ex officio - Ms V Adams
Director: ISER (or nominee) ex officio - Prof R van Niekerk
Director: Community Engagement ex officio – Ms D Hornby
Director: Makana Community Services – Mr Planga
Dean of Education ex officio - Dr D Wilmot
HOD: Education ex officio – Prof Jean Baxen
HOD: Sociology & Industrial Sociology ex officio - Dr K Helliker
t.b.a. Senate
Ms W Bishoff - Child Welfare Grahamstown
Ms N Shelle - Staff rep for CSD
Ms A Marriner - Community Rep
Ms H van Niekerk - Dept of Social Development, Makana

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