Drostdy Hall Leaver's Dinner

On the 22nd of October 2014 all the Drostdy Hall residences made their way to the dining hall for their annual leaver’s dinner. Dressed in their semi-formal/formal attire everyone looked good but an impending sense of sadness filled the hearts of many as they knew that this was their last dinner with their hall warden Rosa Klein who had been with the hall for 7 years.

The dining hall was beautifully decorated and the tables had already been set, with the starters and the wine already on the tables. To start the night Relo Sikwane the 2014 hall senior student gave a welcome speech and introduced the 2015 SRC hall representative, Dylan Bouchier who said grace and Rosa, the hall warden followed soon after with the introduction of the guests who had been invited for the dinner.

Following the introductions were two beautifully performed songs by three Allan Gray girls that sang as the people enjoyed their starters accompanied by a glass of wine or soft drinks for the non-alcoholics. The first part of the main event of the night kicked off as awards were awarded to those individuals who excelled and had taken part the most in extra-curricular activities on and for the university.

After the awards the main course was served, the deliciously well prepared food that catered for all the different needs of the people who were at the dinner (vegetarian, Hindu/ haalal and default).  After the meal entertainment from the really talented Prince Alfred lady relaxed the crowd just before the continuation of the presentation of the academic excellence awards. Unlike the awards for the sports these awards were not only concentrated from the Graham House but were fairly distributed amongst all residences.

Soon after the awards the hall warden Rosa Klein bid farewell to the hall in a very emotional and touching speech that had most of the residences reaching for their tissues to wipe away the tears.

A much needed smokers break followed afterwards which allowed smokers to go out and take a smoke and the rest of the community to relax , stretch their legs and get pictures taken with Rosa one last time before she left the hall. After approximately ten minutes everyone was called back into the dining hall as a lucky draw was performed for all the people who had helped setup the hall for the night. The winners walked away with vouchers as gifts and a token of appreciation for all the work they had put into helping out. The Acting Director of Student Affairs then came up and announced the winners of the Dean of Students Leadership award of the year. This award was given to two women from Allan Gray, Kay Mosiane and Relo Sekwane for their much appreciated participation and hard work in the hall for the year 2014.

A speech from our 2015 hall warden as she introduced herself to the hall and bid farewell to Rosa followed promptly after.

The rest of the night was filled with very bitter-sweet farewell messages from the hall to Rosa as the Graham boys gave her a card and recited a chant for her, a slide show from all the Drostdy hall residences put together by the Head Students for 2015 and a very sweet and funny farewell song by the Drostdy hall committee.

To end the night off the 2015 hall senior student Verona Davids gave a toast to the leavers and Relo Sekwane the hall senior student for 2014 gave a toast to all the people staying behind.

Dessert rounded out a fantastic evening.