Mid-year refresher training kicked off with a bang!

There was a big emphasis on the emphasis on leadership this year as Drostdy Hall was in need of leadership in all tiers and it was very important to foster the younger students to move into leadership roles, and successfully lead the hall in the second semester.

Everyone woke up for an early breakfast (earlier than usual considering we had spent a good month sleeping in!) and made their way to the Barratt complex, where all the activities of the day were scheduled. After a short warm welcome Cecil, Warden of Graham House, addressed us about our “Emotional Bank Accounts”. We then completed some fun teambuilding activities on the grass in the chilly winter morning. Catherine, Warden of Prince Alfred House, then addressed the Leadership of Drostdy about having the appropriate tools and traits in order to be a good leader.  After a delicious lunch of chips and hamburgers, we heard from Precious, Warden of Celeste House, about finishing strong. Rosa, the Hall Warden of Drostdy Hall, then rounded up the days educational and riveting speeches. The day ended with a fantastic braai in the courtyard of Graham House. The night was chilly but it did not stop us from having a lot of fun.

The mid-year training is a vital re-energizer to both the student and warden leadership. The Hall and House Committees are now ready to lead the Hall, ensuring that the Hall values of Excellence, Integrity, Balance and Community are maintained.