Drostdy Hall Student Artist at the National Arts Festival

Natasha Bezuidenhout
Natasha Bezuidenhout

Natasha Bezuidenhout, Celeste House Head Student, who is currently in her second year of Fine Art Masters, will be exhibiting at the Converge Exhibition at the National Arts Festival.

"Natasha Bezuidenhout is an emerging multidisciplinary artist and full-time MFA student
at Rhodes University. Her research is concerned with dialects of memories and narratives
as they pertain directly to an experience of both searching and remembering home,
through created spatial metaphorical representations in clay. She is a recipient of the
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation postgraduate bursary, which forms part of the Arts of
Africa and the Global South focus area that is linked to the SARChI Chair initiative"

 Natasha Bezuidenhout - Converge Exhibition

Source:  Arts Lounge Africa Booklet.