Kay Mosiane Award

The Kay Mosiane Award is a newly instituted prize, with accompanying financial assistance, for an incoming Drostdy Hall first year student, with the aim of fostering hall spirit and a sense of community. The attitude of Drostdy students has had an enormously positive impact on the way its students engage with university life, giving the necessary support to adapt to a completely new way of life. In order to cement and grow this ethos within the hall, and bring about a tangible manifestation of institutional support, the Kay Mosiane award was introduced, so that all first years are made aware of the supportive nature of the Hall.

Accordingly, the award rewards a first year who embodies this above-and-beyond approach to their fellow students. With the support of the Hall Committee, the Award Committee and the University, the award came into being this year, 2018, with a fantastic level of buy-in and eagerness from all involved.

The award is proudly named after a Drostdy Hall alumnus, Kay Mosiane, who has embodied the spirit of community and excellence within Drostdy for many years, and thus is a living example of what the award seeks to recognise.

 Kay Mosiane - Kay Moisane AwardKay Mosiane:

  • 2013 – Allan Gray House Sports Rep
  • 2014 – Allan Gray House Sub-Warden & Drostdy Hall Sports Rep
  • 2014 - Recipient of the Dean of Students Drostdy Hall Leadership Award
  • 2015 – Allan Gray House Sub-Warden & Drostdy Hall Communications Rep

Selection Process for the Award:

The name of the award will work on a rotation basis – potentially every five years - to ensure continuity and knowledge of the alumnus with students currently in the hall.

The panel comprises: The Hall Senior Student, The Head Student from each of the undergraduate residences (Graham, Prince Alfred House and Allan Gray) as well as the Wardens from all the residences in the hall.

The panel sits prior to Orientation Week to outline exactly what candidate they are looking for. The active search for the participant is done secretly. The award should not be something that first years are actively trying to achieve. The Candidate must display the attributes of the hall’s values (Community Engagement, Excellence, Balance and Integrity). In the short space of Orientation Week until the Hall Welcome Dinner, the panel will be on the watch for the first year who displays these attributes and contributes to the ethos and culture of the hall, someone who espouses all of ‘Drostdy’ upon arrival.

The panel sits to narrow down a list of possible candidates directly after O-week and these candidates are watched closely until the panel meets again to finalise the winner.


Awarded to an incoming Drostdy Hall first year at the Welcome Dinner, on the basis of academic and extracurricular merit, who has shown an incredible level of perseverance and temerity to overcome adverse situations - whether those circumstances be financial, familial or otherwise.

The Candidate must display the attributes of the hall’s values (Community Engagement, Excellence, Balance and Integrity).

2018 Award:

It has been an incredible privilege for the Hall to award the inaugural Kay Mosiane Award, and its accompanying financial assistance, to Keiryn O'Connor, a first year who has already more than lived up to expectations.

Welcome Dinner Awards - Kay Mosiane AwardsKeiryn receiving her award from Adam Butler, Drostdy Hall Senior Student.

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