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Professor Di Wilmot

Di Wilmot Photo

BA, HDE (PG Sec), BEd, MEd, PhD (Rhodes)

Tel: +27 46 603 8385

Email: d.wilmot@ru.ac.za

Biographical details

Professor Di Wilmot works in geography education. Her expertise is in curriculum and pedagogy  with a focus on transformative teacher education. Di is the former Dean of the Faculty of Education at Rhodes University, a position she held for the eleven years.  Di is a member of the Steering Committee of the International Geographical Union (IGU) Commission on Geography Education (CGE). She is series co-editor with Professor Claire Brooks of the Springer IGU-CGE Book Series International Perspectives on Geographical Education.  

Recent Publications

Lee, J., Catling, S., Bednarz, R., Kidman, G., Krause, U., Martija, A., Ohnishi, K., Wilmot, D., Zechna, S. (2020). A multinational study of authors’ perceptions of and practical approaches to writing geography textbooks.  International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education.

Manik, S., & Wilmot, D. (2019). Geography Education: Southern Africa Staking a Claim. Guest Editorial. Journal of Geography Education for Southern Africa, 4(2), 8-10.

Naxeka, J., & Wilmot, D. (2019). Namibian teachers’ perceptions and experiences of teaching mapwork. Journal of Geography Education for Southern Africa, 4(2), 39-55. 

Wilmot, D. (2018). Issues-based teaching and learning in geography. In E Van Eeden & P Warnich (eds.), Teaching and Learning History and Geography in the South African Classroom, pp. 309-335.  Pretoria: Van Schaik, pp.309-335. ISBN 978 0 627 03502 9.

Wilmot, D. (2018). Teacher education in South Africa after the political transition to democracy in 1994. In M. Ben-Peretz & S. Feiman-Nemser (Eds.), Political Transformations and Teacher Education Program, pp. 49-65. Rowman & Littlefield: Lanham: Maryland USA.

Goldschagg, P. & Wilmot, D.  (2017). Exploring the role of a Google Group in enabling lesson resource sharing in a South African geography teachers’ professional learning community. Journal of Geography Education for Southern Africa 2(2), 9-24.

Lotz-Sisitka, H., Shumba., O.,  Lupele., J., & Wilmot, D. (Eds.) (2017). Schooling for Sustainable Development in Africa. Springer: Dordrecht: The Netherlands. DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-45989-9.

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