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The PGCE is a 120 credit qualification at NQF Level 6.

The PGCE is a ‘capping’ qualification for persons wanting to become qualified as professional
educators in schooling after having completed an appropriate Bachelor’s degree (at least 360 credits) other than a BEd. This certificate, following an approved degree, is recognised by Statute and employing authorities as equivalent to a Bachelor of Education (Foundation Phase) degree.

The entrance requirements for the course are:

  • the candidate has been awarded an appropriate bachelor’s or higher degree; or the candidate has been admitted to the status of such a degree; or the candidate has satisfied all the requirements for a bachelor’s degree except that the candidate has still to obtain credit in one minor course, provided the Dean of the Faculty approves the admission of such a candidate and concurrent registration for the outstanding course.
  • the candidate has passed an official language on the higher grade and another language (grade unspecified) - either Afrikaans, or English, or another official language - in the National Senior Certificate examination or in another examination deemed to be equivalent thereof.
  • A candidate will not receive the certificate until all the requirements of the degree have been fulfilled.
  • The approved degree shall comply with the requirements as laid down from time to time by the Council on Higher Education (CHE), or shall comply with specific requirements prescribed by other employing authorities for whom the candidate intends to work.
  • The PGCE provides access to the BEd(Hons) degree at NQF Level 7.

The duration of the course shall not be less than one academic year.

A candidate must obtain or be granted credit in:

  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Education Studies
  • Education Environment
  • Foundations of Learning
  • Home Language English
  • Home Language isiXhosa (optional)
  • First Additional Language English
  • Mathematics Education
  • Life Skills Education
  • Teaching Practice
  • Endorsements:
  • Languages (English, isiXhosa & Afrikaans)
  • Computer Literacy
  • Education Technologies


  • A candidate must pass each of the courses in the curriculum.
  • The proficiency of a candidate in teaching shall be judged by means of continuous assessment.
  • The assessment of Teaching Practice also takes due account of the professional conduct of the candidate during the year. If a passing grade is not obtained in Teaching Practice, the candidate, after period of teaching recommended by the Head of Department and approved by the Board of the Faculty of Education, may be permitted reassessment.
  • The certificate will be awarded “with distinction” and the parchment endorsed to this effect if the student achieves a Class 1 pass in each of the following:
    • Education Studies
    • The Education Environment or Foundations of Learning

Teaching Practice

  • A candidate who fails Teaching Practice shall normally be required to re-do Teaching Practice.
  • A candidate who fails at the F1 level: any of Education Studies, Education Environment, Foundations of Learning, or any of the teaching methods, shall be granted a supplementary examination for these courses.
  • A candidate who fails any of Education Studies, Education Environment, Foundations of Learning or any of the teaching method courses at F2 level and below, or fails the supplementary examination in any of these courses shall normally be required to re-attend the course for those subjects.
  • A candidate who fails three or more of Education Studies, Education Environment, Foundations of Learning, Teaching Methods and Teaching Practice shall normally be required to re-attend the entire curriculum for the certificate.

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