T&L Affiliates

Teaching and learning programmes through affiliates

Overview of teaching and learning programmes offered by affililates in the Faculty. For further information on individual teaching and learning programmes, click on the links within each section.


  • Post Graduate Diplomas
  • Honours
  • Masters
  • Doctorates and Areas of Research

Post Graduate Diplomas

Offered through CHERTL

Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education (PG Dip (HE))
Dina Zoe Belluigi at d.belluigi@ru.ac.za


Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education for Academic Developers (PG Dip (HE))

Jo-Anne Vorster at j.vorster@ru.ac.za


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Bachelor of Education Honours Degree English Language Teaching (offered through the Institute for the Study of English in Africa)

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Masters in Education

Offered through CHERTL

Masters in Higher Education (M.Ed HE)
Sue Southwood at s.southwood@ru.ac.za
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Doctor of Philosophy in Education
The degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education is offered by full research only. 

Apply for a PhD in any of the areas below.

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Areas of research supervision in which the Faculty can offer support include the following:

  • Academic Development
  • Academic Literacy
  • Environmental Education
  • Education Leadership and Management
  • General Education Theory
  • Higher Education
  • Indigenous Knowledge Systems
  • Information Communication Technology in Education
  • Language Teaching
  • Mathematics Education
  • Psychology in Education
  • Science Education
  • Technology Education 

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