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Weekly Seminars at the ELRC

Date: 31 May 2019 08:30 - 31 May 2019 10:30
Location: ELRC, Challenge Lab
Organiser: Dr Jessica Cockburn (Phone 046 603 8389)
Event Type: Alumni

All scholars and members of the extended ELRC family are invited and we welcome visitors.
In our seminar we usually focus on a paper or a practice - e.g. from our Sustainability Knowledge Commons work - which we share and discuss.

Last Friday we had good discussions on the object of activity (under the CHAT theme) and participants were interested to further explore the concept of "motives" in future seminars. It was also proposed and agreed during the planning meeting that as much as we should focus on the thematic areas, we need to be alternating across the themes instead of having a full month focusing on one theme.  This is aimed at stimulating diverse participation and attendance in the seminars, as lack of attendance was noted as a major challenge especially during the CHAT month. As such, after every seminar we will ask for volunteers to lead discussions in the next seminar. The volunteer  will be responsible for choosing a paper that relates to their interest  around the thematic areas.  

Thank you very much to Taryn Pereira for volunteering to lead this Friday seminar, in which we will be discussing a paper by Routledge, P & Derickson, K. D (2015), titled: Situated solidarities and the practice of scholar-activism. See below short abstract: 

Drawing on an analysis of an ongoing collaboration with rural peasant movements in Bangladesh, we explore the possibility of forging solidarity through practices of scholar-activism. In so doing, we consider the practice of reflexivity, reconsider forms of solidarity, and draw on the concept of convergence spaces as a way to envision sites of possibility. We mobilize the notion of situated solidarities to propose an alternative form of reflexive practice in scholarship. We then posit that there are six ‘practices’ that provide a useful schematic for thinking through the opportunities for the construction of these solidarities.

To be added to the seminar mailing list or to obtain the weekly Zoom links to join remotely please send an email to elrcseminars@lists.ru.ac.za 



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