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Brenda Genevieve Andimignon

Brenda Genevieve Andimignon

Licence en Science du Langage (Degree in Language Sciences); Diploma (French as a Foreign Language); Diploma (Primary Education); Diploma (Secondary Education); Certificate (Integrated Coastal Management)

Research interests: The Integration of Education for Sustainability (ESD) in Pre-Service Teacher Education.

I’m a secondary school teacher and I’m passionate about my work because I enjoy working with children to impart knowledge and I try as much as possible to include EE/ESD in my French lessons. I’m passionate about the environment and feel very lucky to be a citizen of Seychelles because I find my country beautiful and rich in nature.  

Organisational affiliations: I’m currently working with the Ministry of Education but I am also a committee member of several NGOs including:
• The Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles (WCS);
• The Environmental Education Association of Seychelles (EEAS)
• Sustainability for Seychelles (S4S)

Keywords: Education for Sustainable Development; Teacher Education; Integration; Curriculum; Practices

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