Charles K. Appiah

Charles K. Appiah

BEd (Hons) Environmental Education (UNISA); PGD Project Management (MANCOSA); ACE Mathematics (UNISA); Advanced Diploma in Education (UCC (Ghana)); Teacher’s Diploma (KITCO (Ghana))

Research interest: Pedagogical and Epistemological Dynamics of New Environmental Content Knowledge

I would like to explore the interface of situated learning and the acquisition of new disciplinary knowledge as found in five new environmental knowledge areas: climate change, biodiversity, environmental health, water security and sustainable development in the South African Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS).

I am very passionate to see if teachers are able to inculcate into learners the provisions in the environmental knowledge areas of the curriculum to ensure attitudinal change in learners for sustainable living.

Key words: sustainability, attitudinal, water, pedagogical, environment.

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