Chris Eksteen

Chris Eksteen

Chris Eksteen (Hendrik Christiaan)


N.Dip Tourism Management (CUT)

PG.D Tertiary Education (UNISA)


I have been working in outdoor/environmental education for over 10 years in both the United States of America and Southern Africa. I am currently a content writer and working on a resource series of book for outdoor education.

3 books in the series has been published thus far :

  • Cooking for a Camp, Hostel or Large group. 
  • Group Dynamics – Icebreakers and leadership activities
  • Adventure and environmental Activities. 


Research focus : My master’s study is focused on improving inclusion for young people with disabilities through outdoor/environmental education.


My working title is :

Investigative case study to the determine the status quo concerning the inclusion of learners with visual disability in outdoor environmental learning programmes at campsites/centres across South Africa.

Key words : Outdoor Education, Disability, Impairment, Inclusion, Camps


Supervisors: Prof Heila Lotz Sisitka & Me Bev Moore

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