Kim Weaver

Kim Weaver

BSc (Hons) in Conservation Ecology from Stellenbosch University

Dissertation working title: Exploring  learning pathways and value created in a participatory course-led initiative where a learning network forms around a shared interest in agricultural water conservation practices: A case study in the Amathole District.

I am currently doing my Masters in Environmental Education at Rhodes University in the ELRC. My research falls part of the Amanzi for Food programme. I have been engaged with the community project since the beginning of 2014. I have helped facilitate the Amanzi for Food training of trainer’s course which has been a great opportunity for me. The course aims to integrate rainwater harvesting and conservation practices into the curriculum and trainings of people in the agricultural sector. Through my research I hope to document and investigate ways in which communities can network and pull resources and knowledge together to work towards a common goal of improving agricultural practices.

I have a passion for working with people and trying to implement ways in improving their livelihoods. Rural and economic development is what I really hope to be more involved with in the future. After my time here at Rhodes, I wish to continue working with communities in trying to alleviate poverty and hunger in South Africa.

Supervisors: Prof. Rob O’Donoghue, Co-supervisor: Prof. Heila Sisitka

Project affiliations: Amanzi for Food

Key words: ELRC, Amanzi for Food, Agriculture, Rainwater harvesting, Rural development

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