Lameez Eksteen

Lameez Eksteen

Research interest: Emerging careers through the green economy and the development and dissemniation of career information.

I am a part-time MEd. Student with the ELRC. I have a background in Geography and Environmental studies. My previous research focused on community-conservation practices and the influence on the urban poor.

I am employed by WWF-SA as a Skills Development Officer and through my work I have been exposed to various skills gaps and challenges facing the environment sector. This area of work has ignited a newfound passion for capacity development for the environment sector. I believe that people are our biggest investment to secure our ecological assets.  My research interest is therefore around careers emerging through the green economy, particularly the development and dissemination of career information in South Africa.  

Organisational affiliations: WWF-SA-

Key words: Green skills, green careers, green economy, skills needs,

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