Phindile Sithole

Phindile Sithole

Phindile Sithole

B Agric (Hons) in Agricultural Extension and Rural Resource Management: University of Kwa-Zulu Natal

Her  academic foundation is a Bachelor of social science in Geography and Environmental Management and Bachelor of Agriculture (Hons) in Agricultural extension and Rural Resource Management (UKZN). She is currently a Master student in Environmental Education with the Environmental Learning Research Centre. She is passionate about rural agrarian community learning and development.

She is currently involved in a project called Amanzi for Food, she has been engaged with this project since 2015, and currently looking at the roles of extension officers in facilitating social learning of Rain Water Harvesting and Conservation (RWH&C) practices to rural smallholder farmers in the Eastern Cape.

Being enrolled in M.Ed has granted her an opportunity to meet people from various backgrounds, disciplines and expertise within the environmental education sector, it has been good for her capacity development as she is learning from them and also challenging her thinking, world view and so on.

She loves making a difference in people lives, hence her passion of working with marginalized communities such as rural communities and making a difference out there, she knows that she can’t change the whole world but where she is  working she knows she can make a small difference.

Project affiliations: Amanzi for Food

Key words:  Amanzi for Food, Agricultural extension, Rainwater harvesting, social learning.

Supervisor: Prof  Lotz-Sisitka

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