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Reuben Thifhulufhelwi

Reuben Thifhulufhelwi

Reuben Thifhulufhelwi

BSc (hons) in Geography and Environmental sciences & BSc Environmental Sciences (University of Venda)

Current studies: M.Ed. (Rhode University)


Dissertation title: An Exploration and Expansion of Learning and Agency in Ecosystem Restoration practices: A case of Natural Resource Management Programmes in the Blyde catchment.

Reuben is studying towards his masters degree in Environmental Education at ELRC. He’s a young social science scholar passionate about biodiversity conservation and protecting natural ecosystems, and  currently working as a Biodiversity & Natural Resource Management researcher at the Association of Water and Rural Development (AWARD), an NGO with strong focus on developmental work on Biodiversity and water resource governance, as well as climate change adaptation related work.  

Under the RESILIM-O programme (http://award.org.za/project/resilience-in-the-limpopo-basin), Reuben’s work is strongly focused on supporting and facilitating collective action on biodiversity conservation planning and ecosystem restoration practices, as well as strengthening stewardship processes and partnerships amongst conservation agencies, government programmes, land owners, and civil societies. Through his research, Reuben aims to support transformation of practitioners’ agency towards sustainable and Integrated Natural Resource Management practices, using Expansive Social Learning methodologies to facilitate co-engaged research processes, for  improving both the health and diversity of ecosystem services as a driving force for better-quality livelihoods in the Olifants catchment.

Keywords: Integrated Natural Resource Management (INRM), Expansive Social Learning, Ecosystem Restoration, Resilience, Livelihoods, Transformative Agency

Supervisor: Prof. Heila SisitkaCo-supervisor: Dr Charles Chikunda

Organisational affiliations: Association for Water and Rural Development, http://award.org.za/.

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