Crispen Dirwai


Crispen Dirwai

Cert. Education (University of Zimbabwe); B.Ed Geography (University of Zimbabwe); Masters Population Studies (University of Zimbabwe); Cert. EE (Rhodes University); Cert. in Successful Organic Production and Export: (United Nations Institute for Training and Research).

Dissertation working title:  Exploring social learning within the context of community-based farming: Implications for farmers’ agency and capabilities.

Crispen is a PhD scholar (Rhodes University) and a fulltime Lecturer in Geography Education in the Department of Science and Mathematics Education (DSME) at the University of Zimbabwe, also found on website:

Crispen’s PhD research interests are: Social Learning (working with communities), Climate Change Education and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) (working on issues of quality in some Zimbabwean schools) and assessment and evaluation in education.

Crispen’s study aims at identifying the underlying generative mechanisms shaping the social learning process. These causal mechanisms identify how social learning brings out farmers’ shift from old to new and adaptive and transformative farming practices in response to climate change and variability risks and vulnerabilities.

The main research question: How can and does social learning facilitate or constrain the conversion of resources into functionings and new adaptation capabilities of communal farmers in the face of increasing climate change and associated climate variability related socio-ecological risks and vulnerabilities?

Key Words: Critical Realism; Social Learning; Capabilities Approach/Theory and ESD
Supervisor: Prof. Heila Sisitka

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