Morakane Madiba

Morakane Madiba

Morakane Madiba


Morakane studied BSc Honours in Animal, Plant and Environmental Science with the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg focusing her research on equity in access and use of water for black emerging farmers in Bushbuckridge - Inkomati Catchment. She then furthered her studies in Masters in Environmental Education with Rhodes University where she investigated workplace learning in the internship training for disadvantaged black University graduates on green scarce skills, GIS, in the biodiversity/environmental sector: GroenSebenza internship programme as a case study. Her Masters study was funded by CATHSSETA under Human Capital Development in the Biodiversity Sector and the interest was informed by her being the graduate internship hopper in the environmental sector. After discovering the need to sustainably and meaningfully capacitate and empower disadvantaged black higher education graduates in the induction to the green economy for true transformation, she continues to be passionate and learn better the meaningful transformational ways of creating opportunities for young black graduates to be sustainably retained in the economy. Moreover to empower young graduates with knowledge, learning, skills and competencies required to participate meaningfully in education politics, economy, social and environmental matters. She is now studying PhD with Rhodes University, evaluating success and constraints in the uptake and use of citizen science tools for the transboundary water resource management between Lesotho and South Africa. The project is funded by Water Research Commission via GroundTruth organization and Rhodes University.

Current projects she is involved in:

-          Tracer study for adult education and training in South Africa with the Centre for Researching Education and Labour (REAL) – Wits University

-          Green public Supply Chain Management (SCM) for the government commodities (i.e. All-purpose cleaning detergent and cars) project sponsored by PSETA. The project is conducted by Rhodes University team.

-          Investigating knowledge, pedagogy and curriculum for higher education policies – Wits University (REAL). 

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