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Nomfundiso Louisa Giqwa

Nomfundiso Louisa Giqwa

BA, BEd, MEd (Geography Education) - University of Transkei; MEd (Environmental Education) - Rhodes University; Diploma in Environmental Education – UNISA; Certificate in Environmental Education - Rhodes University; Junior Secondary Teachers Certificate(JSTC).

Disserrtation working title: Title of the research: An investigation of knowledge and its circulation amongst workers in waste management workplaces and training activities: Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) case studies

I am a part-time PHD scholar at the ELRC in Rhodes University. I work as a Training Manager for the Environmental Expanded Public Works Projects training within the Department of Environmental Affairs.

I am passionate with the fact that I am working on the empowerment of the disadvantaged groups (drop outs from schools) so that they can get skills for employability, and if possible, join the formal education stream.  

I am working within a government department – I am a civil servant. I have worked across the following levels of education: as a teacher in junior secondary schools and high schools. I also worked in education for the deaf (people with disabilities). I have worked in the preparation of teachers, and I have worked in Environmental Education space as a part-time lecturer and a practitioner.

Supervisor: Prof. Heila  Sisitka

Keywords: Knowledge, skills development, waste management and circulation of knowledge, legitimation code theory

Organisational affiliations: Department of Environmental Affairs (Environmental Expanded Public Works Projects)

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