Experencia Chisoni

Experencia Chisoni 2

Experencia Chisoni

MA Applied Linguistics (University of Malawi); BEd (University of Malawi)

Dissertation working title: Investigating and Expanding Learning across Activity System Boundaries in Energy Efficient Cook Stove Innovation Adoption in Malawi  

Experencia is a full- time PhD Scholar with the Environmental Learning Research Centre at Rhodes University. Her research aims to promote sustained uptake and utilization of a socio-technical innovation, through expansive learning using boundary crossing laboratory workshops among key innovation actors. Her study is within Climate Change mitigation and adaptation under Capacity Building for Managing Climate Change in Malawi. Specifically, she is investigating social learning, and expansion of learning within and between Energy Efficient Cook Stove technology activity systems in Malawi. 

Research question: What learning takes place and can potentially be expanded among actors involved in Improved Cook Stove (ICS) technology, and how can learning be expanded to potentially facilitate sustained uptake and utilization of ICS in three selected study sites in Malawi.”   

Key words: Socio-technical innovation, expansive learning, boundary crossing

Supervisor: Prof. Heila Sisitka

Organization Affiliation: Lecturer, Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (http://www.bunda.luanar.mw)


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