Dr Lynette Sibongile Masuku van Damme

Dr Sibongile Masuku van Damme

Qualifications: BA Humanities (UNISWA); Masters in Leisure Studies (VUB); Masters Education in Environmental Education (Rhodes); PhD (Rhodes)

Teaching and learning should not be controlled and slowed down by walls. But accelerated into clear endless blue skies and oxygenated by dives beyond the belly of the earth, beneath feared bottom lines, beneath the pit of the horizon that only swallows the sun and re-births the moon. It should put sails and gently winds to the hopes, dreams and efforts of every learner to reach destinations never imagined. It was this dream that enticed me to be an astronaut of education.

History, Literature, Education, Natural and Cultural Heritage define my work, passion and interest which are always interwoven into my research interests. My thesis in Environment Education focused on the role of Indigenous Knowledge in Environmental Education processes. My current PhD thesis is: a postcolonial exploration of socio-cultural learning through cattle as a medium of cultural expression in Mpembeni, KwaZulu Natal. My Masters research study and the current one have one thing in common; to understand informal home and formalised teaching in school and the possibilities of a healthy collapsing of boundaries to conceive of a better future that sustains biodiversity and its people.

Keywords: postcolonial; socio-cultural learning; cultural expression; cattle

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