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Dr. Wilma van Staden. Post Doc Fellow at the Environmental Learning Research Centre, at Rhodes University in South Africa and part of the Amanzi For Food team.

Wilma is a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Environmental Learning Research Centre at Rhodes University. She has a PhD in Environmental Education and a MSc in Environmental Management focused on limnology and aquatic ecology. Wilma’s main research focus in the integration of Climate-Smart Agriculture into the agricultural learning system. She’s developed the Climate-Smart Innovation Tool for supporting transformative learning in the agricultural colleges in times of climate change. driving factor for the development of the tool was the need to establish the level of Climate-Smart Agriculture policy and approach integration into the agriculture curriculum throughout the agricultural system. The tool enables users to gain an insight into the ‘whole’ picture of Climate-Smart responsiveness within the agriculture curriculum and to support and track innovation towards a Climate-Smart responsive curricula and policies. She is also focused on reflexive learning and change processes needed for introducing climate responsive knowledge in the agricultural learning system though her work with the Amanzi For Food team. The Climate-Smart Innovation Tool is available on the Amanzi For Food website.


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