Project 2 (Funded by ServiceSETA)

This project proposes to develop a M&E framework related to enterprise development in a township economy. A field-based evaluation will map the stakeholders and the activity system and investigate the efficacy of enterprise related training. It will pilot methods for system-wide evaluation of transitioning learners and training systems in a regional context, to better understand obstacles, SETA impact, contribution and funding flows within TVET skills and on a macro, meso, and micro-level. The framework will enable SETAs to perform contextual diagnostics to assess the probability of favourable outcomes for enterprise development training in different contexts, develop strategies for creating more enabling environments in designated contexts and learn from the M&E findings to increase their impact. At the micro-level, it will use the evidence to develop an assessment tool for screening potential candidates who have high probability of transitioning from the training to successful entrepreneurship.  

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