Project 6: Develop a Framework for Monitoring and Evaluating the Implementation

This project will develop a specific framework for the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the Discretionary Grant, for all SETAs. It will be aligned with the high level M&E framework (Project 1), which will in turn align with other relevant M&E frameworks including DHET’s. It aims to support the goals of the Post-School Education & Training (PSET) system, i.e. to contribute to social development and economic participation. This framework must support SETAs in evaluating the impact of the Discretionary Grant, which has a wide scope. The purpose is to develop more effective and innovative methodological approaches for evaluating DG implementation. These approaches can be used between SETAs (i.e. some SETAs can evaluate some aspects and others can evaluate other aspects) and over time (evaluating some aspects one year and other aspects the following year). This will allow SETAs to collectively (systemically and systematically) build up a comprehensive understanding of what works, in what context and why; as well as what has not worked, and why? (the focus of realist evaluation approaches) to inform future improvements in the system.The expansive learning – activity system approach is a form of participatory evaluation/evaluative stakeholder engagement that allows for immediate learning and improvements in particular contexts.

Project 6 Deliverables

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