Project 7: Develop a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for the Mandatory Grant

This project will develop a specific framework for the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the Mandatory Grant, for all SETAs. It will be aligned with the high level M&E framework (Project 1), which will in turn align with other relevant M&E frameworks including DHET’s. It aims to support the goals of the Post-School Education & Training (PSET) system.

Known challenges in implementing the Mandatory Grant (DHET Guidelines on SETA Regulations 2015) include: Lack of clear policy and strategic intent against which SETA impacts can be measured; The inadequate quality and accuracy of employer data on scarce and critical skills and skills gaps; Factors affecting SETA effectiveness and efficiency including compliance measures and other policies; Quality and relevance of training provided by accredited providers; Availability of training and qualifications to meet actual sector needs.

While the high level M&E framework (Project 1) and the Performance Standards (Project 3) will address more general evaluation foci, this specific framework for the Mandatory Grant will assist SETAs and their stakeholders to (1) gain deeper understanding specifically into these challenges and (2) how they can be addressed, and (3) assess the success of measures to address them. The results should (4) inform the annual reviews of Policy, Strategic Plans, Sector Skills Plans and Annual Performance Plans. This would introduce into these reviews a strong learning focus and a more transformative strategic focus, beyond numerical targets. It would also (5) ensure that M&E findings are actually used for improvements in the system.

Project 7 Deliverables

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