Project 9: Develop a capacity development programme

This project will develop and implement a capacity development programme for SETA representatives (research and M&E staff). The capacity building programme, in the form of an accredited ‘long short course’, will complement and finish off the M&E tools and frameworks to be developed in the rest of the SETA programme. The purpose is to:

  • Involve SETA representatives in the ongoing development of M&E resources in a way that builds the participating individuals’ and the SETA’s capacity (praxis)
  • Familiarise SETA representatives with the M&E frameworks developed in the SETA M&E Chair Research Programme so that they are confident to implement them and guide others in their implementation (e.g. write terms of reference for service providers) and if possible, make adjustments to proposed frameworks in their own contexts
  • Serve as a form of ‘change management’ to allow SETA representatives and the SETAs themselves to work through the challenges of taking on board new frameworks and processes (this may mean, from time to time, broader participation in the programme)
  • Share the training material content and implementation lessons learnt with wider audiences
  • Promote SETAs as learning organisations in the national PSET and international contexts.


Project 9 Deliverables

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