Research Programmes

Current Graduate Research

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Distinguished Professor Heila Lotz-Sisitka

Professor Eureta Rosenberg

Doctor Ingrid Schudel

Doctor Lausanne Olvitt

Evaluation Research Programme

Since Rob O’Donoghue’s 1986 paper entitled “Environmental education and evaluation: An eleventh hour reconciliation, we have been exploring the relationship between environment, learning and evaluation. 

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Green Skills Research Programme

Rhodes ELRC and its partners including Wits REAL welcome participation in the community of ‘green skills’ researchers, studying skills for sustainability and capacity building for environmental work. 

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Workplace Learning & Sustainability

This research programme focuses on how new sustainability practices are learned in workplaces. It also focuses on workplace learning systems that enable or constrain such learning. 

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Community Learning and Empowerment

This research programme focuses on how communities learn to be more empowered and resilient in the face of new forms of social-ecological risk and change (e.g. loss of ecosystem services, climate change etc.). 

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Educational Quality & Research Relevance

This research programme focuses on how environment and sustainability education can contribute to and improve educational quality and relevance in schools, colleges and universities. 

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Social Learning and Global Change Research

The UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development identifies transformative learning as a key focus for re-orienting society towards sustainability. 

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