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Current Graduate Research

Research projects and scholars currently under Dr Schudel's supervision

Doctoral Scholars

Realist evaluation of Fundisa programme; ESE and Ed Quality and Relevance

Citizen Sciences and Social Learning; Transformative Social Learning

Expansive learning; social-ecological change; Transformative Social Learning

ESE Teacher Education; ESE and Ed Quality and Relevance

  • Farasten Mashozhera

Curriculum innovation, school food gardens, primary science teaching, education quality and relevance

Masters Scholars

  • Armstrong Mashakeni

Critical thinking, scaffolding learning, Zoological gardens, Ed Qual and Relevance

  • Lorna Musiyiswa

Social learning, youth and sustainable life styles, Ed Qual and Relevance

  • Juliana da Silva

Sustainability Competencies, art-based education, transformative social learning

  • Makwena Mmekwa

Biodiversity in the Life Sciences school curriculum; ESE and Ed Qual and relevance

  • Jacques Pienaar

School programmes; ESE and Ed Qual and relevance

  • Nomvuyo Mgoqi

Teacher Education; Formative Assessment; ESE and Ed Qual and relevance

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